Maverick Landing Community Services

Opening Doors to Opportunities and Change

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Our mission is to enhance the lives of children, youth, and families in East Boston by:

  • Motivating people to achieve economic, educational, and personal goals
  • Linking people to support systems
  • Creating leadership opportunities
  • Strengthening youth, families, and community

We accomplish our mission by helping people to build 21st century skills--collaboration, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking--in a supportive community setting. Read more about how we do our work or specific programs. 

We are also working on a youth-led content site that we will be launching in the spring. More to come on that.

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Shared Values

  • We are a learning organization committed to excellence and growth.
  • We are committed advocates for the people who work with us.
  • We work as a team because it is an optimal way to operate.
  • We create a welcoming environment for everyone—everyone belongs.
  • We celebrate victories with staff and community.
  • We support collaboration and operate in the best interests of the communities we serve.

Our Story

Maverick Landing Community Services (MLCS) was established in 2007 to serve the residents of the newly completed development and the surrounding East Boston Community. In 2001 The Boston Housing Authority was awarded a HOPE VI grant for the redevelopment of Maverick Gardens public housing. Along with the HOPE VI grant for redevelopment, MLCS was granted funding for services. Since then, MLCS has been a self-sustainable nonprofit located in the heart of the Maverick Landing, a community that houses over 1400 people.
In the spring of 2016 we completed a community-informed strategic plan that is guiding our work.

Community Programs

Resident Services & Family Services - 9am to 5pm

  • Case Management
  • Family Nurturing Groups
  • Playgroups (Arabic & Spanish) and Baby Café

Maverick Makers - 3pm to 8pm

  • Homework Help & Academic Support
  • STEAM enrichment: Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Math.

Youth Development - 4pm to 8pm

  • Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)
  • Gentlemen’s Empowerment Mentoring (GEM)
  • Summer Jobs (days/hours vary)

Tech Lab - 3pm to 8pm

  • Job Search & Resume Assistance
  • Tech Goes Home
  • EastieCoders - learn HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

Gladys had never used a computer prior to participating in the Technology Goes Home program at Maverick Landing, and believed that it was something that she was incapable of learning at her age. Read her story here.

Carmen was referred by Maverick Landing Community Services to a restaurant which was soon to open at Logan Airport. Equipped with an impressive resume, he landed a position as a server.  Read Carmen's story here.

Christine is a Maverick Landing resident, who at 61 years of age, is still working hard in the field of construction. Hear more about her story.