Summer Youth Employment Program

MLCS employs youth in a summer employment program that offers employment on three tracks: community beautification and clean-up, health promoter and day camp counselors. Youth work a 20 hours per week and also attend enrichment programs including vocational exploration, job search skills, college visit, and community service.

All youth in the program learn life and work skills that help them to grow into productive young adults. Learning these core skills becomes very important for youth who are entering into an increasingly competitive workforce and global market economy. The program is committed to ensuring youth learn basic job readiness skills. All youth in the program engage in weekly workshops on topics that are relevant to their health and well-being, overall life success, and marketability in a competitive economy.

Youth who are placed in the community beautification slots are matched with a maintenance mentors and a maintenance supervisor at Trinity Management LLC, where they live. In addition to learning basic job skills such a the importance of timeliness and task orientation, youth in this track also develop a stronger connection to the larger community where they live and they take pride in ensuring that the community and property is well cared for and maintained.

Youth who are placed in the health promotion track are trained to conduct health surveys in the community. They also hand out information about health and learn a great deal about preventing chronic illnesses and self-care. Youth are also responsible for collecting the data, ensuring integrity in data collection efforts, and interpreting the data that gets analyzed. Youth on this track successfully hone their research skills and quickly develop the social confidence to engage new faces in conversations. Youth also grow deeper connections to the community in this track.

The last track for youth employment is a new addition. This year youth will be placed into positions as junior counselors at our Maker's Corner day camp.