Tech, Workforce & Learning Lab: Forging Access to a Future

The MLCS Computer Lab has been a staple for the Maverick Landing community since our inception. This 13-station computer lab initially began with simple open access offerings. Since that time technology has changed. We now have a steady and constant flow of information in our lives, and not all of it is always useful or helpful. While access to tech is still an issue, increasingly, so is ensuring that are consuming information that is accurate and learning how to use technology in powerful and smart ways.

The MLCS Tech, Workforce and Learning Lab is available for open use or for supported job search and resume assistance and homework help. The lab is staffed from 3pm to 8pm, Monday through Thursday. Staff provides online job search, resume assistance, and for additional tech training through the Eastiecoders program, a self-paced coding program for individuals ages 16 and up. We also offer a Technology Goes Home program twice per year for people who are new to technology and learning how to use it.