Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

YEP uses visual arts and creative language skills to support social and emotional development, improve literacy, and encourage the development of a strong goal orientation in youth ages 13 to 17. YEP empowers youth to manifest their potential and be a force for change in their community.

Registration for YEP is currently closed. We open up registration again in January of 2018.

YEP is 100% youth-centered. The program utilizes Harvard Pre-Texts curriculum, using challenging texts as prompts for creating story and art. Our Youth Facilitator works with a case manager to develop goals that lead to success. Field trips to museums, universities, and cultural events connect youth with a context for art and with their community.
YEP runs Sept-June from Monday through Friday. The Youth Facilitator is a MassArt trained artist with a B.A. in visual arts. Weekly Studio and Instruction schedule (4-6pm) Mon-Thurs. Students go on arts/culture field trips. The individual attention we provide keeps our youth on track and, with our high dosage level yields the significant personal changes that are our hallmark. Youth often enroll in YEP for 2-3 years. To accommodate growth and keep staff to youth ratios low, we worked with 6 service-learning students from a Northeastern writing class this past year. Youth goals are monitored through individual check-in.


This MLCS youth program was awarded first prize in Common Neighborhood Video Tour competition, Best Writing award in the Creative Impulse Awards 7-Day PSA (only youth group competing against adult teams), and were awarded a Young Civic Leaders Award for Social Justice by MassVote.
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