About MLCS

Maverick was a blessed project – it was the right project, at the right place, at the right time.

This was the common sentiment among the major partners when in 2001 The Boston Housing Authority was awarded a HOPE VI grant for the redevelopment of the Maverick Gardens public housing development (which was renamed Maverick Landing). A large part of this “blessing” was the HOPE VI grant and the 12 additional sources of financing (including state and city support). In addition, the developers received $50 million in equity funds—much more than the $43 million they expected. These additional funds, combined with the fact that there were no major glitches in the demolition or construction of the community, enabled the developers to make many upgrades throughout the project. New construction of the rental units was completed in December 2006. Maverick Landing Community Services (MLCS) was established in 2007 to serve the residents of the newly completed development and the surrounding East Boston Community.

An effective HOPE VI supportive service program, MLCS has benefited from the economic successes of the physical redevelopment. The BHA and its developer for the Maverick Landing HOPE VI project, Trinity Financial, Inc. agreed to contribute 1.9M in construction cost savings to a reserve fund that secured provision of supportive through MLCS for the next decade.

In the spring of 2016 MLCS underwent its first strategic planning process. This multi-stakeholder project led to the development of the organization's first strategic plan.

MLCS is now shifting from a reserve-dependent model to a fully self-sustainable organization. Our strategic plan will guide MLCS to the next level of organizational sustainability and growth. Please join us!

Please join us! Together we build our neighborhood!