Community Stories

Ayoub arrived at the first day of the Summertime Maker’s program percolating with excitement. On day one, he drew a robot on a piece of construction paper and shared it with the other kids around him.  “Guess what?  I can make this robot move. You watch!" He gently pressed the pencil’s eraser against the drawing and shuffled the piece of construction paper back and forth on the table. The other kids chuckled but Ayoub was earnest, and his eyes shined with excitement. And just a week later he really is making robots move. Ayoub is enjoying learning how to program his robot. A new world is opening up for him.
angie Pic
Angie moved to Maverick Landing about a year ago. When she arrived last summer, she joined our summer work program and enjoyed working as a research assistant on a health survey project funded by the Attorney General's Office. When school began, she joined the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) and enjoyed getting to know other youth in the neighborhood. She used her time at MLCS to hone a strong skill set. This year, Angie is playing a lead role as a youth staff in our Summertime Maker's program, handling much of the coordination and attendance tracking. She has done such an incredible job that MLCS will be hiring her in the fall to provide administrative support to the organization.
gladys success
Gladys emigrated from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico at a young age. She had never used a computer prior to participating in the Technology Goes Home program at Maverick Landing, and believed that it was something that she was incapable of learning at her age. However, when she saw an ad for Technology Goes Home, she thought “Maybe I can do this.” The program teaches residents the basics of computer use, with the option of purchasing an affordable PC upon completion. She surprised herself by how quickly she acquired the skills necessary to not only operate a computer, but become quite internet savvy. Before long, she was looking up pictures of her old home, which she had not seen in many years. Through her enthusiasm and dedication to learning, she continued to develop new skills. Gladys went on to attend ESL classes, where she is an outstanding student, always punctual and eager to learn. Today, she maintains a Facebook account, and uses online mapping to get to where she needs to go. Just a short time ago, she felt limited by today’s world of ever-increasing technology, but with her newfound skillset, she is now confident that she can do anything.
matt pic
When Matt enrolled in the Resilient Coders boot camp, he arrived with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement but faced many obstacles. As a kid growing up in Eastie, he loved tinkering with computers and was driven by a curiosity to learn. Like many people who struggle to achieve their dreams, Matt had encountered some setbacks. As a young adult, he entered the workforce straight from high school. For nearly 8 years he worked at Market Basket stocking shelves. He loved his employer and felt well treated. He was also reliable on the job but when his car broke down, getting to working became difficult. He lost his job. One thing led to another and he found himself out of employment for a few years and later homeless. At the hackathon, it was clear that Matt had an aptitude for coding as well as a genuine interest. Matt enrolled in the Resilient Coders boot camp in the summer of 2016 and received support and case management services from MLCS.
Finishing the boot camp was a challenge. He almost didn't make it. MLCS worked closely with him to help him overcome his obstacles. After his training, Resilient Coders identified a work opportunity and MLCS helped him prepare and succeed at the interview with a big data company. He was hired, and in January was offered a full time benefitted position. Matt credits his love for his son as his main motivating force. With the help of the programs and services provided by Maverick Landing, his hard work and dedication have set him on a career path that seemed unattainable just a short time ago.
carmen success
Carmen is a Maverick Landing resident and is very well known and well liked in the community. He is known for his friendly disposition and generosity. It can be said that he is something of a local celebrity, often making those in his presence feel like they are part of something bigger. He was referred by MLCS to a restaurant which was soon to open at Logan Airport. Equipped with an impressive resume, he landed a position as a server. With his excellent customer service skills, he maintained that position for several years. Carmen continues to be a contributing and highly valued member of the community, always giving all that he can to make Maverick Landing the best place it can be. He also proudly performs volunteer work at the Lutheran Soup Kitchen where he loves to help people.


christine success
Christine is a Maverick Landing resident, who at 61 years of age, was still working in construction. In 2006, she was referred by Boston Housing Authority to Boston Building Trade and enrolled in a program for women to learn building trades. She participated in the demolition of the old BHA Maverick property, and the construction of the new Maverick Landing. MLCS helped her get back on the job con two occasions. Christine recently retired, but she continues to be an active member of the community. She also continues to give back. Her work ethic and philanthropic spirit are an inspiration.