Gentlemen's Empowerment Program (GEM): Young Men as Allies

The Gentlemen's Empowerment & Mentorship (GEM) program is a gang awareness and violence prevention program that provides mentorship, case management, and small group education to young men ages 13 to 17 living in East Boston.  Young men are referred to the program by the MLCS Family Services Director and local youth-serving providers and other partners.

The most effective way to control the growth of gangs in East Boston is to reach young men and encourage them to become allies. MLCS offers preventative strategies that address youth needs and provide alternative options. Our organization works with families to create a nurturing home environment and a strong community-level place-based response to this systemic problem.

A youth mentor and case manager work hand in hand to ensure youth needs are being met. Program staff also work closely with youth and families to strengthen core family structures and to ensure youth have a nurturing home environment.

A young men's coach and mentor meets with GEM youth 4  times a week. The family case manager meets with families in need.

This program is funded through the Senator Charles E. Shannon Community Safety Initiative.

If you would like to refer someone to the program please contact or


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