Maverick Makers: An After-School Makerspace for Kids

Launching this fall, Maverick Makers is a four-day out of school programming that will offer academic support, boost socio-emotional development, and create excitement and curiosity around learning.

By focusing on finding creative solutions that integrate the use science, tech, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), children become enthusiastic and engaged in learning. These extracurricular activities seek to connect children with new experiences that help them widen their horizons while developing teamwork skills.

Maverick Makers was born out of the interest and daily visits to the lab from a group of neighborhood children who stop by the MLCS Tech Lab, often spending their whole evening at the lab seeking homework help and play. Children in the lab have been assisted with computer use and research in support of their homework assignments. It has also become clear to us that they are seeking play and engagement--and we want them to have it.

We are designing a fall lineup that includes homework help (during the school year) and STEAM enrichment that includes robotics, coding using Scratch, and other STEAM-based activities and assisted learning tech.

The program will also host and participate in other special events such as an end-of- program celebrations where children will share with their families everything they have learned during the year as well as participate in special competitions or events where their skills are put to the test.

We hope to provide a space for parents and families to engage in their children’s development and celebrate their accomplishments.

Maverick Makers will partner up with other educational clubs or professional associations interested in promoting new experiences and opportunities for children.